Want to travel somewhere your money can go twice as far? Look no further than Sofia, Bulgaria! With Wizz Air offering cheap flights, and apartments on Airbnb ranging from 30-60 dollars per night, you can definitely make the most of your trip.



In addition to cheap flights and accommodations, there are numerous free walking tours around Sofia! We participated in Balkan Bites, the first free food tour offered in Europe. Our guide led us to six establishments, each providing a different delicious bite. While tasting we learned how Bulgarian cuisine is a fusion of flavors, formed through the invasion of the Greek, Scythian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. The food tour was an enlightening way to explore the culture and cuisine. Other notable free tours include the Free Sofia Tour, which guides you through the major sites and history of Sofia, and the Bohemian Sofia Tour that highlights the years under the Bulgarian Monarchy.




Another tour I highly recommend is the New Sofia Pub Crawl. While it isn’t free, it is the perfect introduction to Sofia’s vibrant nightlife. Our guides took us to the best spots in the city, many of which we would never have found on our own. Speakeasies and hidden bars with no signage are prominent in Sofia. Homes that once provided comfort to families, are now turned into cozy bars that feel as if you are hanging in an artist’s loft. Each place had a different vibe and something interesting to entertain. This wasn’t just your average bar crawl; it was informative, stimulating and gave insight to Sofia’s youth culture.



If tours aren’t your thing, there is plenty to discover on your own. From admiring the architecture of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, to browsing at the Zhenski Pazar (Women’s Market), or hiking in the Vitosha Mountain, there is much to explore.



The 48 hours I spent in Sofia wasn’t enough. I loved the eclectic and artistic energy of this city. With street art and graffiti tags sprayed across every slab of concrete, you can palpate Sofia’s complex past and visualize the bright, creative future ahead. Don’t wait too long; visit this gem before it becomes a mainstream destination.



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