Travel Planning Services

Have you been dreaming of an epic trip to Europe but the thought of planning it overwhelm you?

Good News

Help has arrived!

I am here to turn your dreams into realities.

With 10 plus years of travel planning experience, I will be your expert guide prepared to curate the ideal European itinerary for you!

Why me? Why in Europe?

As an avid, life-long traveler, I have been to and coordinated trips to over 25 European countries and have traveled to 35 other countries around the globe. 

During my two-plus years living in Belgium, I developed tremendous insight on traveling throughout Europe, fell in love with the culture and discovered off the beaten path adventures I’d love to share with you!

As your guide, I will take the pressure off planning and help you make those tough decisions.  Countless hours of research are required to plan a smooth, well-thought-out vacation, so let my years of experience combined with my love for travel do the work for you.

How does it work?

Travel Consultation Service:

This specialized consultation service is ideal for those that have questions, need insight, & advice on planning a trip through Europe. 

I will provide phone consultations, research, and follow up emails per our conversation. 

Curated Itinerary Service:

This includes FULL-service planning regarding your itinerary details, accommodations, transportation, dining and activity options. This itinerary will be based on your specific preferences.

You will receive a google document and google map of your itinerary.

Not Included: Bookings will not be provided. Direct links will be included in your PDF for you to finalize for your selections and book. This feature enables you to have the final input in the process, direct access to your booking and contact information.


I look forward to personalizing your European adventure! 

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