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    Belgium,  France,  Netherlands

    Immerse Yourself: Top European Festivals

    As someone who lives by carpe diem, my goal while stationed in Belgium was to participate in as many cultural festivities as possible. Whether it be celebrating the slaying of a dragon or the memory of a deceased poet, I wanted to experience it all.  Traditions are not taken lightly here in Europe. They are deeply ingrained in the culture and are celebrated with passion year after year. To make the most of your time abroad, dive in headfirst. Perhaps you will find yourself dodging oranges in the midst of a parade or picnicking at the Eiffel Tower as fireworks dance in the sky. Next time you…

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    Tips for Day Trips: A Taste of Holland

    When visiting the Netherlands, indulging in pancakes, cheese, and windmills is a must. Touristy, yes, but it’s a delicious way to experience traditional Dutch culture. Below is a blueprint for a leisurely day spent exploring South Holland. Are you ready to go Dutch?! First Destination There is no better way to start the day than the pancake way! Pannenkoeken Restaurant Onder de Molen is a traditional pancake house conveniently located next to a beautiful windmill.     If this is the Dutch version of iHop, I think they are winning. You have your choice of savory or sweet pancakes, and when I say pancakes, they are more of…