• Kinderdijk

    Tips for Day Trips: A Taste of Holland

    When visiting the Netherlands, indulging in pancakes, cheese, and windmills is a must. Touristy, yes, but it’s a delicious way to experience traditional Dutch culture. Below is a blueprint for a leisurely day spent exploring South Holland. Are you ready to go Dutch?! First Destination There is no better way to start the day than the pancake way! Pannenkoeken Restaurant Onder de Molen is a traditional pancake house conveniently located next to a beautiful windmill.     If this is the Dutch version of iHop, I think they are winning. You have your choice of savory or sweet pancakes, and when I say pancakes, they are more of…

  • Urban Therapy, Brussels

    Brussels: Beyond the Grand Place, Delirium, and Manneken Pis

    Looking for a fun day in Brussels that doesn’t involve the typical tourist destinations? Below is a walking tour that goes beyond the beaten path. One of my favorite places to start is St. Catherine’s Place, a 10-minute walk from the center; it is a vibrant square full of life on a sunny Belgian day. St. Catherine’s Church, the focal point of the square, is surrounded by restaurants featuring Belgian and international fare. From sushi to crepes, any palate can be satisfied! My top choices are Noordzee, a famous seafood counter where you can get fresh oysters, shrimp, mussels and more. With no indoor space, it’s best enjoyed…

  • Bulgaria

    Sofia: You Stole My Heart, Instead of My Wallet

    Want to travel somewhere your money can go twice as far? Look no further than Sofia, Bulgaria! With Wizz Air offering cheap flights, and apartments on Airbnb ranging from 30-60 dollars per night, you can definitely make the most of your trip.     In addition to cheap flights and accommodations, there are numerous free walking tours around Sofia! We participated in Balkan Bites, the first free food tour offered in Europe. Our guide led us to six establishments, each providing a different delicious bite. While tasting we learned how Bulgarian cuisine is a fusion of flavors, formed through the invasion of the Greek, Scythian, Roman, Byzantine…

  • Romania

    Discovering Bucharest: Little Paris to New Berlin

    Ottoman rule, vampire legends, a vibrant Monarchy, stories of a communist past and the bloodiest revolution in the Eastern Block are all pieces of Bucharest’s dynamic narrative. Once known as “Little Paris of the East” and currently known as “New Berlin”, the identity of this capital is constantly evolving. While wandering the streets of Bucharest, stop to appreciate the distinct styles of architecture: Ottoman, Neo-Romanian, Art Nouveau and Utilitarian. The architectural dissonance adds a unique charm to each alleyway and street corner, calling you to discover more. Below, you will find my beginner’s guide to unearthing the beauty of this capital city.  Free Walking Tours Start your…