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    Five Magical European Destinations to Experience During the Holiday Season

    The holiday season in Europe is something to be experienced at least once your lifetime. The smell of the markets, twinkling lights and festive atmosphere made me fall in love with Christmas all over again.Fortunately, I lived in Europe long enough to visit multiple countries during this season and I’ve compiled a list of the top spots to find the Christmas spirit! Strasbourg, France This Alsatian city embodies the spirit of Christmas and I was in absolute awe during my time here. Canals flowing beside colorful timber homes make Strasbourg alone a romantic destination, now add elaborate decor hanging from every door and you have Christmas done…

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    Strasbourg, France

      Are you looking for a magical winter getaway with picturesque sights and delicious smells wafting from every street corner? Well, I’ve found it in a charming city located in the Alsace region of northeastern France. Once belonging to the German empire, Strasbourg’s culture, cuisine, and architecture are such a unique Franco-Germanic blend that the city has UNESCO World Heritage status. This breathtaking destination is ideal for all seasons, but a visit during winter should not be missed. Christmas Markets To be in Strasbourg during the holiday season is like being a kid in a candy shop. Every street and storefront is decked out in such an…