• Mission San Jose

    48 hours in San Antonio, Texas : A Travel Guide

    Welcome to my quick and dirty guide to exploring San Antonio, Texas – home to the historic Alamo, the iconic River Walk, and mouth-watering Tex-Mex! I recently had my first experience in this vibrant city and found there was SO much to discover, even amid a pandemic. I specifically chose less touristy activities in open-air spaces, which led me to some real gems. So are you ready to explore? The Pearl District First up, the Pearl,  an open-air retail, dining, and community space tucked against the picturesque River Walk. This district is a stunning example of a neighborhood reimagined. From 1883 until 2001, the Pearl was a…

  • Red Poppy Tour, Georgetown, Texas

    Red Poppy Walking Tour in Georgetown, Texas

    Upon leaving Belgium and moving to Central Texas, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the city we chose as our new home was also known as the Red Poppy Capital. Not only are red poppies stunning, but they also hold significant meaning. After WWI devastated much of Europe, these red blooms spouted from the destruction and flourished. They became the symbol to remember lives lost during the war and remain hopeful for a peaceful future. Now how did these blooms from Belgium end up in Georgetown, Texas?! Well, the story goes… A young soldier at war sent his mother poppy seeds from Flanders Field in Belgium.…